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Ever feel like something's not quite right with your contact lenses?
You're not alone. Half of former wearers say they dropped out of contact lenses because of discomfort.

There are many remedies for contact lens discomfort, including a host of new contact lenses and other products
designed to make your wearing experience more comfortable.

Give us a call at 631-724-3582 or stop by the store. Come visit with John, the Optician Magician!
You will be Happy You did.

We Offer many Types of Contact Lenses
to fill Your Needs including:
Extended Wear

A contact lens
is a medical device.

If it's not prescribed properly,
you may not see well and they
might not feel comfortable.

More importantly, a poorly fitting lens or one made from a material
not well-suited to your eyes can mean discomfort, inflammation, swelling, abrasion, or another problem that could, in rare cases, result in permanent eye tissue damage.


Don't take a Chance,
Come Visit with John
at Aristocraft Opticians
to own Contact Lenses
Made for your Eyes.

A question many newbie wearers have is:
How can I tell if my contact lens is inside-out?

The trick is to place the lens on your finger so that a cup is formed.
Then hold the lens up directly in front of your eyes
so you're looking at the side of the cup.

Picture of what a contaqct lense should look like

If the lens forms a "U" with the top edges flared out, it is inside out.

If it forms just a "U," it is in the correct position.

If you're wearing lenses with a tint,
place the lens on your fingertip and then look down at it.
The edge of a tinted lens should look very blue or green depending on the tint.
that won't be the case if the lens is inside-out.

Some contact lenses have a laser marking, such as the brand name on the edge. If you can read it properly, the lens is correct .

Don't worry if you place a contact lens in your eye inside out.
The lens will feel uncomfortable, but it can't do any damage.

For all your optical needs, we offer many of the top designer lines
of both eyeglasses and sunglasses at our retail store in the Hauppauge Shopping Center
including Maui Jim, Ray Ban, Serengeti, Coach, Silhouette, Bolle', Elle, Kate Spade, Koali, Caviar and Michael Kors

We offer Professional Eye Exams, Quality Eyewear and Fast Personal Service
for over 40 years with a Reputation for Full Service Eye Care at Reasonable Prices.

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